Online Training: Complimentary Events

If you have never heard of web conferencing and think that live online training may not be right for you, take a test drive through one of our upcoming complimentary events.

Get an idea of what to expect by listening to a RealAudio version of a presentation given by Kip Gregory for via web conferencing.
(Requires free RealPlayer Basic.)

Complimentary Event Schedule:


Even though these events are complimentary, registration is necessary to receive the information required to participate. Complimentary events are on a first-come-first-served basis.

When registering, please reference which Complimentary Event you would like to attend in the Questions/Comments box of the form and check "Register for a Complimentary Online Training Event." You will receive a confirmation email with instructions for participating in the event as well as materials you may need to accompany the seminar.

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