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Wanted to sincerely thank you for your contribution to our divisional sales meeting last week. I personally learned a ton from your session, and I look forward to putting your ideas to work. Today's changing business environment requires us to differentiate ourselves more then ever and you provided us the tools to do just that. I appreciate all you help and your partnership with Ridgeworth that made it possible!
Michael Shamburger
Divisional Vice President, Southern Division Hartford Retirement Plans Group
The Hartford 401k Southern Division Productivity Workshop
Orlando, FL

Your ability to provide theoretical ideas and pragmatic examples of how to implement and apply them have made your sessions invaluable. The feedback we receive from independent advisors has been that they want more time with you! They took away many ideas that were immediately actionable and had a positive impact. We look forward to continuing our work with you to provide advisors with what they want and need to help them add scalability to their business and touch clients in a more meaningful way. Thank you for your partnership!

Becky Hill
Sales Strategy Manager
TD AMERITRADE Institutional's Fall Regional Conference
Chicago, IL

Thank you so much for helping to make our Toronto workshop on Building an Effective Technology Strategy so successful. Your presentation was dead on. As we had discussed ahead of time, there was a broad mix of attitudes and backgrounds in the room, which meant you had a razor thin line to walk between providing enough information and too much.

You handled it perfectly, covering challenges common to all with just the right amount of detail. The feedback from our folks was immediate and very positive. And everyone left with at least three or four ideas they could implement right away, which was one of my top priorities.

You laid a great foundation that I look forward to building on with you in 2008. Give me a call in early January and let’s talk about the best way to support and reinforce our advisors’ implementation of the processes you shared.

Kelley Oke
Manager, Established Advisor Value Proposition
London Life Technology Conference 2007
Toronto, ON

'Outstanding! Engaging! Packed with innovative ideas and tips for working more efficiently!' That’s how our attendees described your most informative workshop at the ASPPA 401(k) Summit. It’s not often that a speaker receives excellent ratings across the board. Then again, it’s not often that we find a speaker with such practical insight for a highly diverse audience. Thanks for sharing your “wired” expertise and for adding to the success of this year’s conference.
Marcy Supovitz, CPC, QPA, ChFC
ASPPA 401(k) Summit 2007
San Diego, CA

Thanks for helping make our Dunham Institute meetings an overwhelming success. We've gotten incredibly positive feedback on you and your content from the advisors who attended. I thought you'd appreciate reading some of their comments.

"[Kip was] humorous – yet came with great, down-to-earth ideas"
"Terrific value! Outstanding presentation!"
"Fabulous insights!"
"Wow! I love the journal!"
"Excellent presentation… 5+!"
"Loved his props"
"Great presenter"

Those remarks reflect your invaluable contribution: a ton of practical, immediately useful ideas our guests could take home and act on – exactly the outcome we wanted.

What I love about your work is how it empowers advisors to make the most of the tools they own to achieve greater success. It's a perfect fit for Dunham's value added story.

See you at the September Symposium!

Keith Gregg
Executive Vice President
Chief Sales & Marketing Officer
Dunham & Associates Investment Counsel
La Jolla, CA

The 2006 MDRT Annual Meeting is already being called our best meeting ever and I want to thank you for helping to make it so.

As in 2001 in Toronto, you brought your wonderful, fresh, easy-to-understand presentation style to San Diego and gave our members exactly what they wanted: all kinds of practical ideas they could take home and use right away.

Only a small percentage of our speakers are repeats at MDRT, which reflects not only the value you offer but the high esteem we hold you in as someone who understands and can deliver (in a delightful way) what our folks are looking for.

I hope you see lots of reciprocal benefit from the time you spent with us!

Again, many thanks.
Bob Merchen, CLU
2006 MDRT Focus Session Chair
Million Dollar Round Table Annual Meeting
San Diego, CA

Now that IMCA’s 2006 Spring Professional Development conference is behind us, I wanted to say thank you very much for the terrific job you did. Once again, you were one of our top rated speakers!

The comments shared by attendees are exactly what we strive for at these meetings – to have people feel they are walking away with specific to dos that will make a meaningful impact on their bottom line. Here's just a sampling of what people said about your talk:

"Outstanding presentation!"
"Practical ideas that I'll implement."
"Very useful! I can use this as soon as I get back."
"Liked specific and practical action. Good use of AV."
"Outstanding topic - good takeaways - great props."
"The best of the day!"
"Bring Kip back!"

Let me add my own: the value you delivered to our members far outweighed the cost of having you join us (…and believe me, that is not always the case)!

From the start you have been incredibly easy to work with, a true professional. I'm thrilled with the results from this conference and excited to continue working together on the Practice Management conference and other future programs.

Stephanie Lifland, CMP
Director of Conferences
Investment Management Consultants Association
Greenwood Village, CO

Thanks for helping to make our 2006 convention at Hilton Head such a terrific success. Our attendees, including a number who've been with Medallion since the beginning (more than ten years now), told me that this was the best meeting they've ever attended.

Your presentation was one of the reasons why.

The level of professionalism you showed in working with us, and your mastery of the content you shared, were exceptional. (It always impresses me when a speaker can hold an audience's attention for an hour without ever looking at a note or slide!) You got everyone thinking about what they need to be doing to run their businesses better – and then offered specific, practical, concrete ways to do so!

Those gems of knowledge are what our reps look for in meetings like this: ideas they can take back to the office and put to work immediately. You delivered dozens of them.

And to top it off, everyone loved your props – especially the ladder. Fun, but an important message too.

I look forward to continuing our work together this fall on the professional development webinars we've discussed.

Thanks again for a terrific job!
John Cvach, CEO
The Medallion Group
Severna Park, MD

Thank you very much for keynoting Investment Executive's Office of Tomorrow Expo again this year. You did a fantastic job! After the response to your 2005 presentation we were excited to have you back, and you didn't disappoint! People loved what they heard.

I keep thinking how often advisors miss the boat on really using all the tools available to them, and what a need there is for the kind of education and guidance you deliver. You bring terrific value to audiences in your ability to provide practical advice people can go back to their office and actually do—the kind of things that make a difference in the way they run their businesses.

And you were engaging and entertaining on a topic for which too often you have to pinch yourself to stay awake. As I looked across the audience you clearly held the attention and interest of our 500-plus attendees.

Professional, prepared, personable — a pleasure to work with as always. Thanks again for helping us make the Office of Tomorrow event such a great success!
Tessa Wilmott
Investment Executive
Toronto, ON

Thanks for all the great work you've been doing on our behalf starting with your road show presentations last fall. Your sessions have been a consistent highlight of our meetings, offering exactly the kind of innovative, practical, easy-to-implement advice our advisors are looking for.

We know we have a significant opportunity to add value to our advisors' practices value which helps them leverage their time and build best practices into their business. That's why we've repeatedly asked you to speak and spend time with our advisors and with our sales team because the concepts you've developed and are helping us to implement align perfectly with our desire to become the preferred business partner to top retirement plan advisors across the industry.

My job is to make sure we have the right players on the field with the tools they need to be successful. If I'm not doing that, I'm not helping them do their job or leverage their time, much less compete effectively. Everything you bring to the table helps us achieve those outcomes which just makes my job easier.

What I appreciate most about you is that you are always thinking outside the box, always looking to the next level asking, "how do I help Hancock expand their business?". That's unusual. Most consultants and speakers just want to come in, tell their story, get paid, and leave. Your efforts to be the business partner to us that we're striving to be with our advisors really set you apart.

Plus you're a nice guy, you're easy to do business with, and you wrote a great book, all of which has made for a terrific package.

I look forward to continuing our work together and building the best sales force in the business with your help.

Bill Hicks
Divisional Vice President
John Hancock Financial Services
Atlanta, GA

Many thanks for creating a customized agenda for my sales team this week at our sales meeting. I most appreciate your flexibility in maintaining the focus on our needs vs. "the agenda." That is rare and a distinctive differentiator as consultants/trainers/facilitators go! Looking forward to building on what we've started!
Laura Palmer
National Sales Manager
Fidelity Investments
Boston, MA

Thanks for a great presentation this morning and for taking the time to be with our small business members at the Board of Trade. One of the participants, Chris Heald, summed it up best when he said that he’s been to a lot of programs before but has never had so much pertinent information delivered in such a meaningful way. You showed everyone simple ways to marry everyday marketing techniques with the power of the Internet to grow their companies.

I look forward to working with you again soon on another program.

Thanks again.
Lindsay Godwin
Manager, Small Business Network
Greater Washington Board of Trade
Washington, DC

Thank you Kip for doing an absolutely great job of presenting your information to our clients. Your webinar produced the best results we have ever experienced. That tells us that your information is something that event planning professionals need. In fact, we’re convinced that your message is applicable to any professional in the financial services industry — from management to back office support to front-line advisors. Any event planner would do well to include you as a speaker at their next event.
Lyn Fisher
Financial Forum, Inc.
Logan, UT

Presentation Attendees

Every once in a while you hear a really good speaker who surprises you with some new information, approach or tools. I recently heard just such a speaker: Kip Gregory of The Gregory Group in Washington…He pointed out some unbelievable solutions for each of the major components of business planning that were readily available on the Internet and most of the sites were free or relatively inexpensive.
John Bowen
President & CEO
Creating Equity Group Worldwide
San Marin, CA
(in "The Next Level" - Financial Planning Magazine)

Kip has a unique talent for understanding the difficulties of implementing new technology and the even rarer talent for presenting solutions that are easy to understand and implement!
Mark Terrett
Operations Manager
The Builder Suite
Middletown, OH

Enlightening. The web tools will change how we do business!
Ed Ledford
MarketShare Financial
Middletown, OH

Excellent; this should be essential and extended (brushed surface).
Sheldon Laporte
Investment Advisor
BMO Nesbitt Burns
Toronto, ON

Fantastic! Learned more in the first 15 minutes than in most all day classes!
Sandra K. Pierce
Vice President, Wealth Management
Parker Carlson & Johnson
Dayton, OH

A goldmine of fantastic tips for using desktop technology and the Internet more effectively.
Peggy Ruhlin
Budros, Ruhlin & Roe, Inc.
Columbus, OH

That was a phenomenal presentation. I just came back from a weekend boot camp with one of the industry's leading coaches; I learned more specifics about how to manage my business to take it to the next level in your 45 minutes than I got in those two days.

Refreshingly practical. It was clear Kip had taken time to prepare and understand this audience. Talked our language.
Sherrill St. Germain
New Means Financial Planning
Hollis, NH

Excellent; presentation gave info for everyone, no matter the level of expertise.
Barbara Younger
Resource Teacher/Technical Assistant
St. John's College High School
New Carrollton, MD

Very dynamic and informative, wish it could have been longer!
Patricia Delk
Senior Marketing & Brand Manager
A.N. Miller Companies
Washington, DC

Complete, enough details and big picture together.
Kevin Powell
Regional Vice President
John Hancock
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Very good. Thank you, this was the best practice management session FPA has ever put on.
Tina Babicz
Financial Planner
CJM, Ltd.
Vienna, VA

Very insightful, so much so, I want to go home and start now.
Diane Zona
President & CEO
Uniglobal Pension Planning, Inc.
Atlanta, GA

I found your session to be one of the most worthwhile that I attended at this year’s Success Forum. Thanks for your preparation and diligent effort.
Chuck Gray
Principle Planning Advisors
Roswell, GA

Creative, professional. This is amazing… it would have taken me years to find this.
Steve Zimmerman
Zimmerman Financial Group
Apple Valley, MN

One of the best this conference offered. Kip gave actionable tips to use the Internet in a more efficient and simplified manner.

Essential to anyone who wants to stay in business long term!
April Caudill
Associate Editor
National Underwriter Company
Erlanger, KY

Excellent. Helpful. I’m road kill on the information highway. I need a traffic cop like you.
Ben G. Baldwin
Baldwin Financial Systems, Inc.
Arlington Heights, IL

Hands on. Great presentation on dealing with raw information; I always want to know how I can translate these nuggets into greater client service and/or time/cost savings.
Dave Drucker, MBA, CFP
Drucker Knowledge Systems
Albuquerque, NM

Eye–opening . . . and I consider myself very technologically adept.
Rolf Winch
Rockville, MD

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