Services: Speaking/Workshops

The Client Learning Experience

Why is Our Work So Well Received?
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Because we solve a common problem for financial service professionals: how to use computers and the Web to retain clients and build assets.

Most people lack the time and expertise to figure out the answers on their own. We make it easier by giving them the knowledge, tools and focus they need to accomplish their goals faster and less expensively.

What Makes Kip Different?

  1. He understands the unique challenges financial services professionals face
  2. He focuses on practical solutions to pressing problems
  3. He instills confidence in his audiences to act on what they learn

More Than an Event, A Learning Experience

To increase retention, Kip describes and demonstrates, step-by-step, how to implement the strategies he presents.

After each session, key themes and tools are reinforced for attendees by an email containing web sites referenced in the presentation. For an additional fee, a customized series of email communications can be developed to highlight specific issues or objectives you identify.

An evaluation summary is provided at no charge to all session sponsors. This report is an invaluable tool for planning follow-up or future events.

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